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Building Explosive Power For Front Kicks

March 30, 2009
Chuck Norris - Powerful Kick

Chuck Norris kicked a rock once… we now call that rock the moon!

Developing Explosive Kicking Power:

Chuck Norris is known all over the world for his powerful kicks. More noticeably, he is known for his explosive and powerful kicks.

Power in your kicks means power in your legs. Power in your legs means strength. The major leg muscles involved in kicking are the quads (extending the leg) and the hamstrings (bending the leg). Strengthening those muscles will give us power and speed.

Front Kick

The entire drill is based around a squat and a front kick. Check back for a matching side kick and round house kick drill soon.

Warning: Do not bounce on your knees because it can be harmful for your joints. Do not over-extend your joints. Consult your physician before you start any martial arts training.

Squat down, drive yourself up to a standing position and at the same time throw a front kick and whip it back as fast as you can. The instant your foot comes back from the kick set it down and slowly lower yourself back into a squat. Do not bounce your knees in the squat! When you do it again, kick with your other foot.


  1. Squat
  2. Spring up
  3. Kick with left foot
  4. Slowly squat again
  5. Spring up
  6. Kick with right foot
  7. Slowly squat again

This drill is very intense. It is very common to overwork yourself when you are eager to improve but in this case it is better not to. This drill pinpoints the muscles in your legs that you use for most activities. If you overwork them you will have trouble walking around and getting out of bed for the next few days. If you work them correctly, your leg muscles should be very sore for the next few days.

How Many?

Work up to 3 sets of 5-15 reps each leg. Do the left leg and then the right leg, take a 2 minute rest and do another set. Try to do at least 5 reps for each leg per set.

How Often?

Not more then once every ten (10) days. If you do it more often then that, you will not be giving your muscles time enough to develop. Never think resting is lazy. Rest is good for your muscles.


Solo Training – Lauren Christenson

Speed Training – Lauren Christenson

My Experience.

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