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Short and Easy Total Body Warm Up

March 30, 2009

Lit Match

Warming up your body for a workout, martial art or otherwise, is very important. It raises the heart rate and supplies your muscles with fresh oxygen and blood. Warming up your muscles allows your body to move from position to position smoothly and easily. Have you tried to do kicks and punches quickly without warming up? Training without warming up is bad and it feels bad too. It feels awkward and slow. Warming up your muscles helps them to do their best and should be done before any kind of workout.

Some people like long warm ups and some people like short warm ups. This warm-up is for you who like to warm-up quickly.

Injury Safety:

A good warm up also prevents us from getting injuries. Our joints need to be lubricated when fighting. When we are warmed up and we get hit by a kick or punch, our body is more able to relax and just give with the hit. If our body is stiff then its going to take that blow like a block of concrete. Just pray it doesn’t shatter.

When we warm up our body, we shouldn’t do only the muscles that we’re going to use in the workout. That would be an incomplete warm up and we would get a much better result with a full body warm up. In warming up, we always start from the neck down. Lets get started! 🙂

The Warm Up:

1. In warm-ups, we work from the neck down so shrug and roll your shoulders, do a little jogging in place – 1 minute.
2. Light punches, arm swings and flex your muscles – 1 minute.

When flexing your muscles, simply tense them up for 2 seconds and then relax them. You’ll probably notice them feel warm as the blood rushes to the muscles and supplies them with oxygen.

The arm swings are very simple too. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with your hands by your sides. Cross your arms as seen in the photo of Andrew below and stretch them out as far to the side as you can get them.

Arm Swing

3. Swing your leg up at about waist height to the front, back and side. At least 10 times per direction within 2 minutes. Both legs.
4. Light roundhouse kicks, front kicks, side kicks and back kicks. Do not kick above the waist because we are only warming up the muscles. Minimum 10 kicks per leg – 2 minutes.
5. Light shadow boxing – 1 minute.

    Take a few seconds and comment!

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    1. March 31, 2009 7:15 am

      hi there
      like the idea of warming up to up oxygen and give the ticker a sock!
      but am not a martial arts follower so there are a few terms you have used that i have no idea what they are/ how to do them
      so if you have the time can you try to explain the least aggressive way to do: an arm swing

      flex your muscles
      which muscles – are you just focusing on the legs?

      Light roundhouse kicks
      round house?
      do you mean walk about the house kicking?!

      Light shadow boxing
      what’s the posture of the head and shoulders?

      photos would be excellent to show you in action doing these warmup things!
      all the best

      • March 31, 2009 12:39 pm


        You are right. I will post pictures of the moves indicated just to make certain everyone knows what I mean.

        “flex your muscles
        which muscles – are you just focusing on the legs?”

        No. I didn’t make that clear enough but since you’re still warming up the arms, you flex your arm muscles. Tighten the muscles up for a second or two and then relax them. When you do this, it causes blood to rush to the muscles thus making them warm.

        “Light roundhouse kicks
        round house? do you mean walk about the house kicking?!”

        That would be funny but no, I do not mean that. A roundhouse kick is just a another kicking technique. In fact, it’s one of the easiest. Just like the sidekick or the front kick. If you don’t know how to do them yet, I will post a series explaining the “How” of most of the basic kicks I know. Once you progress with these I will also post an advanced kicking series.

        For example, the front kick, sidekick, roundhouse kick, back kick, Outside-inside crescent-kick and the hook kick.

        “Light shadow boxing
        what’s the posture of the head and shoulders?”

        You should shadow spar the way you fight. It should be a light sparring match with no opponent. Keep the shoulders back and the chin down to protect the throat.

        Does that answer your question?

        Thank you for your comment and interest in the martial arts world.

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